J. Amado Araneta Foundation (JAAF), through Spark-A-Change, creates pockets of positive social changes in different corners of the Philippines through the projects that will be birthed in the Challenge and, at the same time, invests in the development of the future generation of leaders. It is aimed to empower the youth as agents of positive social change in their communities.

Started in 2021, JAAF piloted the Challenge among its Scholars as part of their community outreach activities. It awarded a seed grant to two projects on environmental protection and distance learning education from among the proposals sent for consideration. For 2022, it went nationwide and awarded 7 organizations with grants of Php5,000 to Php20,000.

Spark A Change is open to all Filipino youth organizations and groups, with members from ages 15-30. The youth organization must have an endorsement from or accredited by a registered entity e.g. school, religious community, barangay, NGO, etc.

Here are some key questions for Spark-A-Change Project Proposal:

  1. Is the proposed project responsive to a need of the identified community of which the applicant is a part, or “within reach” to them?
  2. Is the proposed project new, and not an existing program/ activity of the applicant?
  3. Does the proposed project target the underlying cause/s of an issue or a problem?
  4. What Sustainable Development Goal/s do/es the project address?
  5. Will the proposed project be immediately implemented and accomplished within the year?
  6. Will the youth organization, youth group, and/or the entity endorsing the applicant provide a counterpart in the project, either financial or other types of support?
  7. After the solution is implemented, will the community be able to replicate, scale, or sustain the intervention, and integrate it into their way of life?


Spark-A-Change will support ten winning entries with grants worth Php25,000 each for project implementation.


  1. Applications will be accepted until 15 June 2023.
  2. The qualifier to the first round will undergo the Spark-a-Change Online Bootcamp, then Project Pitch.
  3. Announcement of winning concepts will be on 15 July 2022.
  4. Prizes will be processed after the full submission of requirements such as the Project Engagement Contract and others that the Foundation may require in relation to the project. 90% of the seed grant will be released initially. The remaining 10% will be made available after the submission of the Progress or Terminal Reports.

Criteria for Judging

Idea should be bold, creative, and clearly tackles the pressing issue and with clear problem identification
A solution that addressees the problem. Is it practical? Is it doable? What makes it innovative?
Measurable activity / activity impact. What changed?
Can it be transferable, replicable, expanded?
Total 100%

Application Form

A. Introduction

B. Applicant information

  1. Name of Youth Organization or Youth Group
  2. Is the Youth Organization or Youth group a legal entity? Yes or No
    • If yes, please prepare the SEC Corporate Papers (General Information Sheet, Articles of Incorporation, By–Laws, and Audited Financial Statement in the last 2 years) of your organization. This shall be submitted if the applicant is included in the top 20 finalists and is a pre-requisite to join the Ideation Camp.

    • If no, please prepare 1. an Endorsement or Accreditation letter from a registered entity (e.g. school, religious organization, NGO, Barangay, etc.) indicating the name/s of the official representatives of the project, and 2) SEC Corporate Papers (General Information Sheet, Articles of Incorporation, by – Laws and Audited Financial Statement in the last 2 years) of the registered entity endorsing the applicant. This shall be submitted if the applicant is included in the top 20 finalists, and a pre-requisite to join the Ideation Camp.

    a) For Community-Based Organizations

    • Certificate of Existence of Office from the Barangay where the office is located (if you have a physical office)
    • Barangay Certificate of Residence of the President (if you do not have a physical office)
    • Resolution of an endorsement coming from the Sangguniang Kabataan
    • Certificate of Registration or Endorsement from the Youth Development Office from the Office of the Mayor

    b) For School-Based Organizations

    • Certificate of Registration or Recognition from a competent school authority supervising Student Affairs

    c) For Faith-based Organizations

    • Certificate of Registration or Recognition from any head/ Pastor of the Congregation or Parish Priest

    d) For a Chapter/ Multi-level Organizations

    • Certificate of Registration or Recognition from a president governing the highest organizational level

    e) For Consortium Representatives

    • Certificate of Registration or Recognition issued by the Secretariat/ Board

    f) For Sangguniang Kabataan Council

    • Oath of office signed by the Barangay Captain
  3. Name of official representative/s (1 to 5)
  4. Age (15-30). For minors (15 to 18 years old), written parental/ legal guardian consent is required. This will be submitted if the applicant is included in the top 20 finalists and is a pre-requisite to join the Ideation Camp.
  5. Contact Information of representative/s (mobile number and email address)
C. Project Concept

  1. Project Title
  2. Project theme: Select 1 UN SDG that is mainly targeted by the project.
  3. Beneficiaries and their location/s
  4. How are you or your organization related to the identified beneficiaries?
  5. Brief narrative of what the project entails and how it is innovative in nature.
  6. Duration of the project (from starting date to targeted completion date)
  7. What is the driving force in this project? What is the existing concern or problem that you want to address?
  8. What outcome are you expecting in the project? How can it be validated?
  9. What are the roles & participation of the youth organization, organization endorsing the youth group, beneficiaries / selected community, and other parties?
  10. What is the overall cost of the project?
  11. After the project is implemented, how can the project be replicated, scaled, or sustained by the community, and integrate it in their way of life?
D. Disclosure
I hereby represent and warrant that all of the information indicated herein are true and correct. Without prejudice to any other legal remedies, JAAF may be entitled to under the premises, any false statements, misrepresentations, or omissions in this Application that may subsequently be discovered shall result in the rejection of the Application; forfeiture or revocation of any monetary consideration or benefit given, if any; and blacklisting or exclusion from all future JAAF projects/programs/grants.
I am hereby giving JAAF permission to receive, record, store, use, access, process, verify, and validate all personal data, information, and documents submitted, to determine my eligibility. I likewise understand, accept, and consent to the public disclosure of any personal data, information, and document that I submitted in connection with the Application for legitimate purposes, such as in press releases, announcements, and in all other similar disclosures to the public.
Dates to Remember

  • 15 June 2023 - Deadline for Proposal Submissions
  • 23 June 2023 - Announcement of Shortlisted Groups for Final Round
  • 5 July 2023 - Online Boot Camp and Project Pitching
  • 15 July 2023 - Announcement of Winners

*Subject to change with prior notice